We start your relaxation experience with a deep cleanse, tone, exfoliate mask, arm and hand massage, facial massage and shoulder massage.

30 minute – $50

60 minute – $90




Reflexology is a modality that stimulates points of the feet and flush out the buildup of toxins, tension, and fluid. When the therapist uses compression on the reflex points, it breaks down crystalline deposits thereby increasing the activity of the circulatory, lymph, and nervous systems. 

30 minute - $40

60 minute - $70


Fire Cupping & GuaSha


Cupping therapy is an ancient form of alternative medicine in which a therapist puts special cups on your skin for a few minutes to create suction.

30 minute - $45

60 minute - $80


Swedish Massage

(pressure for light)

Need to relax or relieve tension? This massage is for you! Unwind with this gentle, soothing, full body relaxing massage which is designed to improve circulation and vitality. Add your choice of aromatherapy with Young Living ™ essential oils at no extra charge for a full relaxation experience. Relaxation massage relieves stress and general tension.
30 minute - $40

60 minute - $75

90 minute - $110


Deep Tissue Massage


Facilitate muscle recovery with this moderate to deep tissue massage. Used for specific areas of tension and muscle spasms, this particular type of massage loosens the superficial layers beneath the skin to address the tense and/or sore muscles below and is designed to relieve soreness resulting from over exertion or exercise.

30 minute - $45

60 minute - $85
90 minute - $125


Hot Stone Massage


Several volcanic river stones are heated up and strategically placed on the body. The heat from the stones penetrates the deeper layers of your muscles to maximize the effect.

30 minute - $50

60 minute - $90

90 minute - $135


Massage for pregnant

30 minute - $45

60 minute - $85

90 minute - $125